About Us.

Hey Everyone! A warm welcome to you to WHITE CANVAA,

The White Canvaa is an ultimate fusion of graphic-modern world with vintage aesthetic, as I am created and managed by two different personalities who both have a contrasting perspective towards the world, hence the fusion of two worlds;

But one passionate meaning that is CREATIVITY, HAPPINESS and LOVE.

YAVIKA JAIN, is an interior designer who loves to create and innovate. Being a design enthusiast she knew she wanted something where she can pour out her creativity and always felt that constant pull towards journals and notebooks. The madness for organizing and planning things not just of her own but of others make the WHITE

CANVAA a perfect platform to help herself and other people inspire.

 RUCHIKA JAIN, She is an MBA in Finance and Marketing. She has a vision of setting up her own store, store where she can sell what she has created with her own hands. She see herself rushing from the studio to the store. That is giving her amazing feel that she cannot describe. It feels like this is first and important thing that she wants with her life. The touch of papers and the idea of beautiful stationery gives her a different level of motivation to work.

The main ideology behind creating me is that you can paint your life with anything you want, having the white space where you can scribble, inscribe all your thoughts and creativity with no boundations to create. 

To declutter your mind and continue spreading peace and happiness.

Every package has this amazing handmade touch, as to spread love it has to be made with love.